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Fairchild: Chimp's Death a 'Sin'


Morgan Fairchild says the chimpanzee that mauled a woman and was later killed by authorities was "the sweetest little thing... He would play around with you. He was like a little kid on the set."

Morgan starred alongside Travis the chimpanzee in Old Navy commercials -- and was shocked to hear her one-time co-star was shot after attacking his owner's friend. "It is a shame. It is a sin that this animal had to be destroyed," she declared.

Insisting he never showed any aggression on set, "The Steam Room" star told us, "This would be very out of character."

Remembering Travis, Fairchild said, "I have a great still photograph of us sitting there with his arm around me just being absolutely adorable like your average 5-year-old."

The 200-pound chimp attacked Charla Nash, 50, on Monday, leaving her in critical condition. Owner Sandy Herold, 70, said the chimp was like a child to her.