Will DeAnna and Jason Reunite?

"The Bachelorette's" DeAnna Pappas pops up on tonight's episode of "The Bachelor" and she's speaking for the first time since breaking it off with fiancé Jesse Csincsak.

The brunette beauty tells "Extra" the reason she called off her engagement. "I believe that we all make mistakes in life and we learn from them... it came down to two totally different people. Jason [Mesnick], who has it all together has everything a woman would want. And then there's Jesse, who kind of was like a wild card." Pappas admits, "For me, I felt like the wild card was going to work out. Someone to keep me on my toes. Eventually, it wasn't what I was attracted to anymore."

Jesse has moved on and he's currently dating "The Bachelor: London Calling" alum Holly Durst. Csinscak and Durst told "Extra" in January they were introduced by a mutual friend at a club. Pappas reveals, "Jesse and Holly met while we were seeing each other."

Pappas surprises the competition and her ex during tonight's episode of "The Bachelor." She says, "I believe that it's going to resolve some issues for myself and possibly some viewers." DeAnna shows up while Jason and the final three are on a romantic vacation in New Zealand.

"The Bachelor" Jason Mesnick reveals he was shocked by DeAnna's surprise visit. "Of course it threw me off. I fell in love with her and I went through my healing process. And she's the last person I expected to see, especially in New Zealand."

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