Chris Brown's Apology: What Do Celebs Think?


Everyone is talking about what went down between Chris Brown and Rihanna. The couple's alleged fight was one of the most talked about topics at the NBA All-Star Game in Phoenix this weekend.

Oprah Winfrey's BFF Gayle King tells "Extra" she rejects Brown's apology. "Right now I can't think of anything that makes me support anything that Chris Brown is saying at this time. And my heart just aches for Rihanna."

Actress Gabrielle Union says she's trying to stay unbiased. "I know them both. Unfortunately, no one knows all the facts yet... what I think is great about this unfortunate situation is it can get us talking about violence... violence is never the answer. It's good to get that dialogue started. I wish this wasn't the catalyst for that... it's never good to use violence as a means to an end."

Akon teamed up with Rihanna for the track "Emergency Room" and he tells the singer, "Keep doing what you're doing baby. Keep things positive!" He added, "She's a strong woman. I think she'll get through it."

"Dollhouse" star Eliza Dushku says any type of violence is unforgivable. "Any way, shape or form of domestic violence is inexcusable in my book."