Did Kira Plastinina Cause Brown/Rihanna Fight?


Speculation continues to swirl around the Chris Brown/Rihanna incident as both superstars remain mum and out of the public eye, reports are flooding the net about what happened -- and what it could mean for the rising stars.

Brown's cousin, Phylicia Thompson, rallied to Chris' defense at her home in Virginia, telling "Extra" that the allegations don't seem to fit Chris' easy-going personality. "Chris was not brought up...to beat on a woman." She goes on to say, "So it had to be something to provoke him for Chris to do it. He wouldn't have done is just to be having fun....But what happens behind closed doors, nobody ever knows."

Rumors today point to teenage fashion designer Kira Plastinina as a possible cause for the lovers' quarrel -- with sources claiming that the 16-year-old sent Brown text messages that were found by Rihanna, which sparked an argument. Chris sang for Plastinina at last year's launch of her Beverly Hills boutique.

Paris Hilton opened up to Radar Online to remove her name as a potential cause of the argument between Chris and Rihanna. "That's ridiculous and an outright lie," Hilton says of reports that suggest she was flirty with Brown. "I was not 'all over him' as some magazine reported -- I said hello and that was it. I love Rihanna and that never happened."

New reports also suggest that the Brown fled the scene of Saturday night's altercation -- while witnesses called 911 after hearing Rihanna scream. Even more disturbing, friends of the 20-year-old starlet -- citing bruises on her neck in December -- say that this may not be the first time that Brown has reportedly gotten rough with Rihanna.

Chris skyrocketed to fame at the age of 16 -- and Los Angeles psychologist and "Extra" Lifechanger Gabe Crenshaw reveals that the 19-year-old may be a classic case of "too much, too soon." Crenshaw says, "I call it a million-dollar slum. The money, the power, the prestige, the world at your fingertips -- yet your head's a mess."

Now, as the LAPD reportedly searches for someone who may have helped Brown flee the scene, both musicians are out of the limelight. Rihanna is reportedly waiting for another round of police interviews, and a case against Brown could be presented to the DA as early as next week.