Octuplets Mom Battles Critics!

With 14 children, no job and $50K in student loans, Nadya Suleman has sparked public outrage over her decision to take government aid for her family. Now, Nadya is biting back!

"I am not living off taxpayer's money," Suleman said on NBC's "Dateline." "If I am, it's Food Stamps and it's a temporary resource." She adds, "It's not welfare."

"Extra" friends are up in arms about a reported $2,900 per month that Nadya is receiving from the government. Other critics have said that Child Protective Services should investigate -- and Suleman welcomes the challenge.

"Any kind of child protective services can come and visit anytime, see the interaction I have with my children, and the love that's there," she said on the "Today Show."

Nadya also slammed Internet gossip that she got plastic surgery to look like Hollywood's leading lady, Angelina Jolie. "I've never even thought about Angelina Jolie," she said, and denied that she had her lips done to look like the "Changeling" actress.

Since the backlash over her government support, Suleman has set up a website asking for donations to help with her brood of 14.

Tell "Extra" -- would you donate money to Nadya and her children?