Octuplet Mom Caught Lying!


Prolifically reproductive Nadya Suleman claimed in an interview that taxpayers aren't paying for the care of her children, but new reports today say the mother of fourteen is lying!

According to the L.A. Times, Suleman is receiving both $490 in food stamps per month and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for her fourteen tots. The fact that Nadya is receiving help from taxpayers isn't the only controversy -- "Extra" probed the headline-making story further, inside the Beverly Hills fertility clinic at the center of the multiple birth sensation.

Dr. Michael Kamrava, owner of the clinic, is under intense scrutiny because of Suleman having already had six children before being implanted with multiple embryos. "Extra" spoke with the doctor when he first trumpeted a new procedure he claimed improved in vitro fertilization. "They have been able to almost triple the results of the pregnancies from the embryo transfer," Kamrava said. There is currently no evidence that Dr. Kamrava personally treated Nadya, but she admitted receiving help from a doctor at the clinic, and maintains he did nothing wrong.

"Extra" has uncovered lawsuits filed against Kamrava. One case (later settled) was from a former employee who claimed the doc was guilty of insurance and tax fraud. An additional malpractice case was also dismissed.

Suleman may have lied when she told Ann Curry that she wasn't receiving welfare, but the newscaster today won't judge the struggling mom. "I myself am bewildered about what good may come of this," said Curry. "I don't think we know how this family will endure so many kids and so little money."