Bikini Girl Gets the 'Idol' Boot!


The back-and-forth between judge Kara DioGuardi and Katrina "Bikini Girl" Darrell is over -- Darrell failed to impress the "American Idol" judges last night, and she and her bathing suit were sent packing!

Last night marked the group competition, and Katrina was part of Team Diva. The singer, known for sporting a teeny bikini to her first "Idol" audition, left her group's rehearsal early to go to bed. Her team finally found her in the morning and she joined them at the last minute to sing for the judges. When Darrell's teammate, Jasmine Murray, was the only one of Team Diva to make the cut, Katrina refused to congratulate her.

Seventy-five "Idol" hopefuls made it through Round Two of Hollywood -- and will duke it out in Round Three! Find out who makes the cut when "American Idol" returns next Tuesday on FOX.

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