Obama Stealth Operation: Dinner in D.C.


For President Obama and First Lady Michelle, operation Birthday Party was a nearly impossible mission!

The President and Michelle hit the town in D.C. in January for a private celebration of Michelle's birthday. The First couple celebrated at Equinox, owned by Ellen and Todd Gray -- who revealed to "Extra" that the twosome tried to go incognito for their night out. "Reservations were made under other people's names," said Ellen. Todd added that the Secret Service swept through the restaurant before the couple's date. "They came first -- they came an hour before."

Political analyst Kimball Stroud tells "Extra" that the Obamas may have to continue their covert culinary ops -- at least until Michelle begins hosting the get-togethers at her new home. Says Stroud, "There's gonna be a lot more parties on the South Lawn, there's going to be a lot more open houses."

Yesterday, the Commander-in-Chief sat down with reporters from every network to answer questions about his first two weeks -- and the days ahead.