President Obama on Simpson's Weight-Gate!


Even the most powerful man in America, Barack Obama, had something to say about Jessica Simpson's weight controversy!

Obama sat down with Matt Lauer on the "Today Show" for his first live sit-down as Commander-in-Chief -- and the conversation turned to Us Weekly, in which Jessica's weight story bumped Obama from the cover! "You got replaced by Jessica Simpson," said Lauer, holding up the magazine. Obama replied, "Yeah, who's in a weight battle, apparently."

Today, Simpson's camp had no comment on whether or not she saw the interview, and Matt came to the Obama's defense about his remarks! "He wasn't passing judgment... he was simply reading something off the cover of that magazine."

The President gave Lauer a White House, during which he revealed that becoming president hasn't interrupted his favorite pastime! Obama admitted that he is still "playin' horse on the basketball court."

Obama also took a jab at Governor Sarah Palin, who appeared at a super-secret political dinner in D.C. with Obama -- and the president poked fun at Palin's attendance! "He said he was surprised to see her palling around with this crew," dished Ken Vogel from "That, of course, a reference to her allegation that Barack Obama palled around with terrorists."

The First Family has received the star treatment in D.C. since Obama took office, including a photo shoot with famed shutterbug Annie Leibovitz! The photographer snapped pictures of the Obamas for the new Vanity Fair.