Sly: Shootin' It Up Again as Rambo?


Sylvester Stallone blasted into theatres as Vietnam vet John Rambo in 1982's "First Blood" -- but will he reprise the role for another flick?

That's true! Stallone broke the news to "Extra" about the latest Rambo film, saying, "Yeah, we are doing another 'Rambo,' but the conflict is whether to do it in America or a foreign country."

The "Rocky" star also revealed that he wasn't surprised that Mickey Rourke is receiving critical acclaim for his role in "The Wrestler," saying, "I can totally believe it. It was just a matter of time... He's a tough a** guy. He's old school... Eventually someone was going to do a story that captures his heart, his plight and his biography."

Rourke recently credited Stallone for helping him kick-start his career with a role in "Get Carter" -- and Sly sent his former co-star a message via "Extra" about Mickey's recent Oscar nod. "Mickey, if anybody deserves an Oscar, it's you. No question about it. You lived it. You earned it. You deserve it. You're an incredibly talented man. It's about time everyone says, 'You know what. Give it to the winner.'"