Ben Affleck: 'I'm Definitely Romantic'

Actor Ben Affleck and the men from "He's Just Not That Into You" are joining "Extra" for some guy talk -- about hooking up, breaking up, and hi-tech gadgets!

Affleck admitted he keeps in touch with wife Jennifer Garner via text message -- and that's how Jen keeps the father of two in check! "I correspond with my wife that way," Ben said, laughing. "She's like, 'Get over here. Pick this s*** up! It's time for you to go get our daughter!'"

Ben didn't initially raise his hand when asked if he was romantic, but later admits he's a sucker for romance. "I'm definitely romantic. I didn't raise my hand because I didn't want to be the guy who started talking about how romantic he was on TV. I wanted to dodge that bullet and I did dodge it."

Co-star Kevin Connolly chimed in when the conversation turned to breaking up -- using modern technology! When the men were asked if it's okay to end things via text message, the "Entourage" star joked, "Oh yeah. That's the best way."

As for playing hard to get, Justin Long exclaimed, "Yeah, Connolly does. You play the game." Kevin responded, "I don't play hard to get. I'm very easy to get."

"He's Just Not That Into You" hits theatres February 6.