President Obama: Rock Star!

"Entertainment Weekly" has dubbed Barack Obama President Rock Star -- and declared he's bigger than Brangelina and Beyoncé!

President Obama has been hitting the web to address with the American public -- and his first "Weekly Address" has nearly one million hits on YouTube!

The White House has released intimate photos of Obama and his family during the first 48 hours of his presidency -- including shots of Malia and Sasha playing candid camera with their dad, and Obama and Michelle embracing in a freight elevator between inaugural balls.

Barack Obama's historical swearing-in ceremony was attended by many politicians -- including former president Jimmy Carter, who cleared up rumors he gave the Clinton family the cold shoulder during the ceremony!

"We had already been with the Clintons for about ten or fifteen minutes," Carter explained on the "Today Show." He added, "We had warm greetings, already exchanged kisses before we came into the television view."