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Stars Teary over Obama's Speech

There wasn't a dry eye in the crowd that watched Obama's inaugural address -- and Hollywood was no exception!


Whitney Port and Mischa Barton hit the net to blog about the inauguration -- and each starlet revealed that she cried during the President's emotional speech! "While watching the events of today's inauguration all morning, I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with tears of excitement at the prospect of change!!! I have never been more proud to be a young, American adult," Whitney wrote.

"We have witnessed one of the most momentous occasions in our country's history and must remember these feelings of hope forever and ever," Port added. "No matter our differences, we are all human beings that deserve the freedoms such change can and WILL renew."

Former "O.C." star Barton wrote, "Obama's speech rung so true and is the reason why I made myself an American citizen."

The U.K.-born actress added, "I cried, I won't lie. I cried for the people being hit by our economic crisis, including my friends, and for the people who don't understand the spirit of good Americans... Had he not won, I would not be proud to be an American any longer. I live in France for the freedom America once offered -- I have all my faith in Obama. I'm not a religious person but may God bless him and his family."

Kim Kardashian shared a similar tone of hope and excitement in her blog post, writing, "This election was the first time I've ever voted and I'm so proud that Barack Obama is our president!"

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