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President Obama: Day One!

Just hours after his swearing-in ceremony, President Obama kicked off the night by dancing with wife Michelle to Beyoncé's rendition of "At Last" -- and that was just at the first ball!


The President attended ten inaugural balls last night, but made time to give ABC's Robin Roberts his first interview as Commander-in-Chief! "We're going to have a lot of work," Obama said of assuming office, "so tonight I'm just going to soak in the atmosphere."

First Lady Michelle revealed to ABC's Bob Woodruff that so far life in Washington isn't as crazy as it may seem -- and the changes that D.C. has brought to her family have been welcome! "It's a bit surreal," confessed Michelle. "We have had more normal now than we've had in a long time -- we have dinner with Barack every night and we haven't done that for two years."

Life may be calming down for the First family, but Hollywood is still on an inaugural high! Even superstar Beyoncé, who serenaded the first couple, was star-struck and humbled by the occasion. "I'm so proud of my country -- this man was born for this," the choked-up singer revealed to ABC. "I'm just so lucky to be a part of this history. It's probably the most important day of my life and I'm so grateful."

Hill Harper, Obama's friend from Harvard Law and "Extra's" D.C. tourguide, revealed that his future has changed too. "I'll never refer to him for the rest of my life by his first name. He will be Mr. President to me, even though I've known him 20 years -- he'll be Mr. Obama and Mr. President because he's earned that title -- that is who he is."