'Housewife' NeNe Gets 'Real'


NeNe Leakes of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" isn't afraid of being herself -- and the fiery southern belle is opening up about rumors surrounding her money situation!

Rumors ran rampant that Leakes hid financial problems on the show -- and was forced to sell her expensive home because of it. "People are digging and prying into your personal life where they don't need to go and making up rumors about you -- lying about things that are not true," NeNe told MomLogic.com in response to the reports.

She adds, "The real deal is, most people don't have the opportunity to live in the type of homes that I've had the opportunity to live in. Whether I rent them, buy them it doesn't matter -- I live well and if you don't believe it, ring my doorbell and I'll show you. My house is not rented."