Has Swayze's Cancer Spread?

Has Patrick Swayze's pancreatic cancer spread to his lungs? The National Enquirer claims Swayze, in the hospital for pneumonia, has taken a turn for the worse.

"Extra" has new details today from People magazine's bedside interview with Patrick. "I am alive and plan on continuing to stay that way," Patrick asserted.


People magazine Assistant Managing Editor J.D. Heyman tells "Extra," "He came down with a cough, he knew it could be serious, contacted his physician and found out he had pneumonia."

"Extra" Lifechanger and GI Surgical Oncologist at NYU Cancer Institute Dr. Elliot Newman explains what Swayze is going through. "Chemotherapy can weaken the immune system, so certainly people are more susceptible to things like pneumonia."

Swayze's new show "The Beast" premieres Thursday, January 15 on A&E.