Rourke: From Broke to Golden

Mickey Rourke has been in showbiz for 20 years and just won a Golden Globe for Best Actor for his role in "The Wrestler." Rourke starred in hit 1980s films, such as "Body Heat" and "Nine 1/2 Weeks," but the star admitted a year ago he was "trying to get a job... I was even getting offered to go to Russia to do six-rounders (fights). I had an offer to do that and I was flat broke."

Things have turned around for Rourke since his agent told him to stop boxing and to accept the role in "The Wrestler." Rourke embraces his comeback and even laughed when "Extra's" Mario Lopez told him fellow actors were excited to see him at the awards show, exclaiming, "That's because I've been gone for fourteen years!"

As for what's next, Rourke responded, "'I'll take it as it comes. I'm just very grateful to have a second chance and for people to trust me again. I did the roadwork to come back and change my wicked, wicked ways."