Yogi Cameron's 10 Tips for Better Living

"Extra" Lifechanger and former Model Yogi Cameron has ten tips to achieve and sustain a better life. Yogi Cameron says health should be in mind and body, and our habits will reflect the state of mind we are in.


1. Think of others before yourself. Give thought to how your actions will affect others.

2. Make sure you are always breathing deeply and long.

3. Watch your speech. Do not gossip or talk ill of others or yourself.

4. Watch and control what kind of thoughts you are having. Positive, ambitious, self loathing, angry, selfish, inclusive etc.

5. Control your actions and make sure most of them are positive, selfless, inclusive and aware.

6. Be free of religious, political, sexual, race, nationalistic, patriotic, biases leading to limited separatist thoughts or actions.

7. Cultivate habits which bring about health in mind and body. Sleep early, eat early, don't over talk, fast time to time and sit in silence for some time each day.

8. Be aware of what you put importance or effort into as this will bring you much pain or joy in the near and far future. Our karmic energy and destiny will be affected by this.

9. Control your senses by avoiding any excess, so they don't end up controlling you. This will help control your nervous system and your entire health.

10. Cultivate a healthy practice of yoga, meditation, reading and other spiritual endeavors to bring about a higher consciousness towards all living beings. This will help each person to know their purpose in this life time.