John and Kelly Say Goodbye


Surrounded by family and friends, the Travolta family gathered today under a white tent at their Florida estate to say goodbye to their son Jett, 16.

John's good friend Tom Cruise was at a loss for words when talking about the tragic accident today on "The View" -- calling Jett's death "horrific." A private plane was spotted touching down on John's landing strip today in Florida, but there is no word on whether or not it was Tom flying in for the funeral service.

The private service for Jett followed the Scientologist faith of his family. A spokesman for the church, Tommy Davis, explained on the "CBS Early Show" that a Scientology funeral is not about mourning death, but honoring life. "It's really a celebration of a previous life and acknowledging them for the life lived and wishing them well in the next. So it's really a celebration of their life."

Condolences from colleagues in Tinseltown continue to be offered for John and Kelly. Kiefer Sutherland said, "As a father, I can only imagine the terrible, terrible grief that they're going through right now."

Christina Applegate told "Extra" she hopes the famous family will have a chance to step out of the spotlight to grieve. "I just pray every day that they get some time without everyone being in their face."

Sources say that the Travoltas will next head to their home in Maine to grieve their son. If you would like to send well wishes, please post a comment below.