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Palin Daughter Pops


Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is officially a grandmother. Her daughter Bristol, 18 (pictured with baby brother Trig) and former high school hockey player Levi Johnston, also 18, welcomed son Tripp on Saturday.

Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston was born at 5:30 AM, weighing 7 lb., 7 oz. "We think it's wonderful," Colleen Jones, Bristol's great-aunt told People magazine. "The baby is fine and Bristol is doing well. Everyone is excited."

Levi's mother, Sherry Johnston, was recently arrested on multiple felony counts of involving the drug Oxycontin. Bristol is currently living in Wasilla, and working on her GED. Levi is now an apprentice electrician.

Yesterday, a spokesperson for Governor Palin said, "This office will not be issuing any statements on [Bristol's baby]. We're here to talk about state government and that matter falls outside of that."

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