Lautner Battles for 'New Moon'

Is Taylor Lautner trying to save his role of Jacob Black in the upcoming "Twilight" sequel, "New Moon"?

That's true! "Extra" caught up with the baby-faced actor at the Golden Globes Young Hollywood party last night, where he broke news about an upcoming meeting with "New Moon" director Christ Weitz. While Lautner expressed excitement about meeting with the director, he confirmed that none of the sequel cast is set.

Taylor also put co-star Ashley Greene on the spot, via "Extra's" celeb degrees! When Lautner asked the brunette beauty if she were on team Edward or team Jacob, Ashley said, "Right now I'm gonna be on Team Jacob because I'm really, really rooting that you stay and that you play Jacob in the second one."

"New Moon" creeps in to theatres in late 2009.