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Aniston Gives Dave Her Outfit

"Marley & Me" star Jennifer Aniston wowed America with her patriotic GQ cover -- and during a visit to "The Late Show" last night, the actress gave the only wardrobe from the shoot -- a necktie -- to David Letterman!

"It's an early Christmas gift," Aniston told the happy host. Upon receiving the tie, Dave ripped off the necktie he was wearing to replace it with the red, white and blue one. Jen aided the funnyman in getting his tie knotted, exclaiming, "I'm dressing Dave! That's a historic moment in my career."

When asked if it was hard to strip down for the sexy cover, Aniston said, "As you get older, you get more comfortable in your own skin. Feeling good inside leads to feeling good outside."

Dave also asked about Jen's boy toy John Mayer. Aniston said the two met at a party, but wouldn't confess what kind of get-together.

"Marley & Me" bounds into theatres December 25.