Tom Cruise's Top 10

"Valkyrie" star Tom Cruise dined with wife Katie and daughter Suri at PJ Clarke's in Manhattan last night. The actor spent some quality time with the family after debuting the "Top Ten Craziest Things People Say about Tom Cruise on the Internet" on "The Late Show with David Letterman."


Cruise joked around with the late night funnyman before reading this list from the hot seat:

10. I sleep upside-down suspended in a special bat-like harness.

9. During the filming of "Days of Thunder," on a dare I ate a tire.

8. I still wear those underpants from "Risky Business."

7. My real name is Tom Blagojevich.

6. I once Heimliched a koala.

5. Once a month, I take the Universal Studios tour naked.

4. I believe all emotional and physiological disorders can be cured with Vick's Vaporub.

3. I'm a power-mad egomaniac who's completely insulated from reality. Oh wait, no, that's Letterman.

2. After jumping on her couch, Oprah hammer-locked me till I coughed blood.

1. I keep a cell phone in my pants so I can tell friends, "Call my a**."

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