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'New' Blood in 'Twilight' Sequel?

"Twilight" exceeded box office expectations and sucked in $70.6 million in its opening weekend. Now, the sequel "New Moon" has recruited director Chris Weitz -- and rumor has it there'll be some new blood in the vampy cast!


Taylor Lautner portrayed young shape-shifter Jacob Black in the first film -- and whispers are that the baby-faced actor is too young to continue in the role. Michael Copon is said to be up to replace him.

Actor Ben Barnes portrayed hunky Prince Caspian in "The Chronicles of Narnia" -- and now, rumor has it he's vying for the role of vampire Aro in "New Moon."

Vampire hunk Robert Pattinson and his leading lady Kristen Stewart have signed on for the sequel, scheduled to hit theatres November 20, 2009 -- exactly one year after "Twilight" opened.

Let "Extra" know -- should Michael replace Taylor as Bella's Quileute pal? Is Ben the perfect person to play dominant vampire Aro? Upload your video comments now!