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Tom Cruise & Mario: Totally Raw!

"Extra" host Mario Lopez scored a candid one-on-one with Tom Cruise -- and from Mario's secret connection to Cruise's wife Katie, to the controversy over adorable Suri, no topic was left untouched!

The "Valkyrie" star dished about his early Christmas present this year -- a Golden Globe nod for his hilarious turn in "Tropic Thunder" -- and he revealed where he learned the moves he showed off in the flick, saying, "I learned how to dance watching 'Soul Train.' "I was always in my basement... watching 'Soul Train' -- always just the coolest moves." Cruise won over his kids Connor and Isabella with the acting gig. "They loved it... they loved it... they went off."

Baby Suri isn't old enough to see her dad's "Tropic Thunder" role -- but the tyke was recently named Forbes' Hottest Hollywood Tot. When asked if he regretted sharing her with the world, proud pop Tom replied, "Well... what choice did I have? We didn't let pictures out at first, and there was a bit of an outcry." Cruise added, "It's our life, and I don't know what else to do about it."

Katie Holmes is currently starring on Broadway in "All My Sons" -- and her production is taking place in the same venue where Mario starred in "A Chorus Line."

Tom also dished about starring in "Valkyrie" -- the WWII film about a plan to assassinate Hitler. "I knew I was interested in the film," Tom said. "I always wanted to kill Hitler, and so Stauffenberg and I had that in common."

"Valkyrie" hits theatres Christmas Day.