Chris Rock's Kids Want to Play with Obama's Girls!


Comedian Chris Rock is working on making his daughters' holiday wish come true -- a play date with the future First Daughters at the White House!

"His girls are a little older than mine," Rock tells People magazine of Barack Obama's girls. "My girls want a playdate. They look at the youngest (Sasha, 7) and they're like, 'We can play with her, Daddy.' We'll see."

A play date could be possible -- Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, are gearing up for the move to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue this January, which means leaving some friends behind in Chicago.

Right now, Rock is focusing on spending Christmas at home with his girls -- Zahra, 4, and Lola, 6. "Christmas (as an adult) before I had my kids was so uneventful -- they were basically like, 'Argh, I wish this Christmas thing would be over so I can get back to work.'" Chris confesses. "But now I love the ritual of it. I love the 'are they asleep yet?' I love playing Santa."