Golden Globe Noms: The Stars React

"Extra" caught up with some of Hollywood's finest who have been honored with Golden Globe nominations. Check out the reactions of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and more!

Pitt, who was nominated as Best Actor for "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" thanked his fellow cast members for his achievement, saying, "I am pleased to be nominated for this award and would like to also congratulate David, Eric and Alexandre on their nominations. We're all very proud of the film and thankful to the Hollywood Foreign Press for recognizing our work."

Brad's partner Angie also received a nod for her work in Clint Eastwood's drama, "Changeling." Jolie said, "I am honored to be nominated by the Hollywood Foreign Press in a category with so many extraordinary women. What an amazing experience, having the opportunity to work with Clint Eastwood on a film I care so deeply about."

Dustin Hoffman nabbed a Best Actor nom for his work in "Last Chance Harvey" -- and the Tinseltown vet praised co-star Emma Thompson when he heard the news. "It is so exciting to be nominated, but working with Emma was reward enough. Don't get me wrong, I still want to win!" Emma, also nominated, said, "Dustin and I had the best time making this film. It seems insane to get an award nomination on top of that, but I'm thrilled."

"Enchanted" star Amy Adams -- whose star is on the rise -- nabbed a nod for her role in "Doubt," opposite bigwigs Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Meryl Streep. "I am so honored to be nominated by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for 'Doubt,' along with John Patrick Shanley, Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Viola Davis. Helping to bring John's Pulitzer Prize-winning play to the screen was one of the most rewarding experiences of my career."

Hugh Laurie plays a snarky doctor on the series "House," but in real life, the ecstatic actor was humble and gracious when he got word of his nomination. "I am thrilled. Nine feet tall and thrilled."