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Speidi's 'Wedding' Bling

Alleged newlyweds Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag showed off their pseudo-wedding rings at the Cedars-Sinai "Road to a Cure" gala last night. (Click the pic to zoom in for a better look!)

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Honoree Ryan Seacrest asked the reality TV couple if the Mexican nuptials were legit. The lovebirds confirmed their Cabo San Lucas elopement, and Ryan was quick to congratulate them.

Spencer also confessed they got the secret ceremony on tape, "'The Hills' really videotaped our honeymoon." Heidi made it clear the two did some filming of their own. "We have our own little footage of our honeymoon too... I think we have our own Handycam too."

Only the lord and Speidi know what to expect from that!