Britney: Secrets of a Superhero

Britney Spears is again gracing the cover of Rolling Stone, whose December 11 issue has Britney showing off her famous midriff. In the article "Britney Returns," the star and sidekick/manager Larry Rudolph open up about saving her career. Here are a few highlights of the uplifting adventures of Britney Spears!

  • She can no longer count all her tats on one hand, "Seven! Oh, my God, y'all!"
  • Her hair hasn't fully grown back since she memorably shaved it off in 2007. Brit tells the mag she's considering getting rid of the weave and going au naturel.
  • She needs her beauty rest, "I go to bed at, like, 9:30 every night, and I don't go out or anything... I just feel like an old fart."
  • Sons Jayden and Sean Preston have fears like all youngsters, "They're obsessed with monsters, and every night we look outside, and we have to show them that there's no monsters out there. It's dark outside, but there's nothin' out there."
  • Her boys were blessed with her good looks, "They don't look like their father at all!"
  • The kids are starting to have potty mouths, "They're starting to learn words like 'stupid,' and Preston says the f-word now sometimes... He must get it from his daddy. I say it, but not around my kids."
  • The next step for recovery is a steady boy toy, manager Larry Rudolph reveals, "She's a relationship girl" and she has started dating again.
For more of Britney's Rolling Stone interview, pick it up this Friday at newsstands everywhere.