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Paris on Election: The World Will Be a Better Place


Forget the "old, white-haired dude" -- Paris Hilton is all about Barack Obama. The heiress told "Extra," "It's so exciting. I was so happy. I had all my friends over last night and we were watching the acceptance speech... I think the world is going to be a better place."

Miss Hilton chatted with Mario Lopez while promoting "Repo! The Genetic Opera," due in theaters Nov. 7. The jet-setting heiress just returned from London, where she met princes William and Harry. "I did meet them. They're really nice. I met Harry and William... they're so down to earth and so sweet."

Paris' boyfriend, Benji Madden, returns today from a trip to Africa, where he and bro Joel were on a USO tour together. About rumors she and Benji are engaged, she admits, "Well we've been together for 8½ months -- it's a rumor about us getting engaged. We're just very in love and happy." As for babies, Hilton declares, "I would love to have kids... not right now, I'm way to busy right now. I think that's what completes your life; having a family."

Hilton's parents have been together since her mom, Kathy, was 15 years old -- something Paris admires. They just have an incredible marriage!" She adds, "My mom is like my best friend. We've always been really close. We talk on the phone like ten times a day. I still feel like a little girl with my mom... my dad is amazing. I hope that I can have my husband be like my dad."

Also on her mind is launching her new fragrance, Fairy Dust. As for coming up with the name, she reveals, "This is my fifth fragrance. I always loved perfumes as a little girl... I just love Tinker Bell and fairies, so I thought it would be really fun."

Hilton admits she wanted to look her best for Fairy Dust's ad campaign photo shoot saying, "I didn't have to loose weight, but I just wanted to look really good. I started doing Pilates."

Very aware she's a role model for many young girls, she adds, "When you are in the spotlight and girls look up to you -- you have to be a good example."

"Extra's" full interview with Paris airs tomorrow, Nov. 7!