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Lauer Roast: Tom Cruise Shows!


"Extra's" Mario Lopez is in New York City for Matt Lauer's Friars Club roast -- and Tom Cruise arrived to poke fun at him!

"I get to go from international locations to movie sets to more international locations to international location," he joked. "You have found happiness doing the same thing every day. You sit on a couch all day and interview the car from 'Knight Rider' and cook radishes with Rachael Ray!"

Tom even poked fun at his 2005 appearance on "Oprah," telling Matt, "You're the one who told me to talk about Katie Holmes on 'Oprah!' As he stepped off stage, Tom quipped, "I can't believe I flew all the way out here... lose my number, you glib putz."

It was certainly an unexpected surprise for Matt, who told "Extra" earlier, "That would be an extraordinary move on his part. There's no hard feelings between me and Tom Cruise."

Both Meredith Vieira and former "Today Show'"co-host Katie Couric were on hand to help roast their friend, and Matt said, "They have a great sense of humor -- both of them. Katie has got a lot of info... I can't even imagine what she's going to come up with."

Asked about his reaction to being selected, he said, "This is a right of passage -- no matter how painful -- I'm really flattered that they chose me." He does admit, "Nobody can come here without a shield up." Lauer laughs at the thought of bringing his five-year-old daughter to act as a human shield, but adds, "Guys like Bob Saget don't even care."

Why a lunchtime roast? "It works better for me," he jokes. "By 8 o'clock I'm like a three-year-old, I'm in bed... people can blow off steam before the weekend." Lauer declares, "I cannot wait until like 2:30 PM. I can take a deep breathe and hopefully, I've survived."

Recently, Lauer interviewed Angelina Jolie on the "Today Show," and says they talked off camera about parenthood. "We talked a little bit about our kids... we have a couple in the same age group. When you talk to her off camera, the thing she wants to talk about most is motherhood." He continued, "I think Angelina and Brad are the real deal... they go places when they don't think a camera will be around."

About keeping in shape and sporting rock hard abs in shots of him taken this summer at the beach, "That [exercise] is an outlet for me... we do work terrible schedules. So, a couple/three times a week I like to go... I'm doing it for mental reasons."