Robin Roberts 'From the Heart'


ABC anchor Robin Roberts has added another inspirational new chapter to her best-selling life story "From the Heart" -- with the additional pages detailing Robin's battle with breast cancer.

"It's entitled, 'Make Your Mess Your Message,'" Roberts says of the chapter. Robin reveals how fellow breast cancer survivors reached out to her. Elizabeth Edwards approached her, and Robin says, "The first thing she said was, 'Welcome to the sisterhood -- it's not a club anyone wants to be a member of.'"

Singer and fellow survivor Sheryl Crowe introduced Robin to her nutritionist Rachel Beller -- a move which Roberts said turned her eating habits upside down. "It has changed my life, because I'm southern, so if I could fry water I would do it," Robin jokes.

Roberts got emotional when talking about the support she's received from colleague Diane Sawyer, saying, "Diane -- how can I say this without grabbing a Kleenex? She knows me incredibly well."

Robin details her courageous journey tonight on ABC's "Nightline." Her revamped book, "From the Heart: 8 Rules to Live By" is out now.