Crowe & DiCaprio: Secrets from 'Lies'

It's been fifteen years since Hollywood hotties Russell Crowe and Leo DiCaprio starred together in "The Quick and the Dead" -- and "Extra" is behind the scenes of their silver screen reunion in "Body of Lies."

Crowe went on the record about working with the "Titanic" hunk, saying that working with DiCaprio is "pretty much exactly the same... except he can drink legally now and he's no longer a virgin!"

The "Gladiator" also told "Extra" about a practical joke he played on Leo while the two filmed the western. "I'd wait until he was sitting in the makeup chair and I'd walk past him and go "Achoo!" and I'd squirt the atomizer so just little bits of fine mist would form on his face and he'd obviously assume it was mucus." On hearing the truth, DiCaprio laughs, "I'm really happy. It's been bothering me for decades."

The Aussie actor is sporting longer hair for his new flick about Robin Hood, and admits that he hasn't taken to his long locks, saying, "It's like walking around with a dead koala on your back."

Catch DiCaprio and Crowe's onscreen reunion when "Body of Lies" opens October 10.