Trump Tackles Financial Questions


Donald Trump is the king of the financial comeback -- and while Wall Street and the economy plunge, "Extra's" billionaire bud has tips to help your finances stay afloat!

"It's certainly not a good time to be selling stocks right now -- so hang in there and be tough," the real estate mogul advises investors.

Even though Donald advises to proceed with caution, it starkly contrasts his advice for potential real estate buyers! "There are great opportunities," Trump says of the housing market. "If you want to go buy a house today, you go to your local bank. They have hundreds of them -- and they'll take back financing." He assures, "Believe me -- you can make a deal."

"Extra" also talked politics with the Donald, who's now stumping for John McCain. "I've known John McCain for a long time," says Trump. "He's a good man, he's a strong man, he's a smart man and I think he'll be a great president."