'Boston' Boys are Back!


William Shatner and James Spader will be bringing the scotch and cigar laughs in the fifth and final season of their courtroom hit, "Boston Legal" -- and the real-life pals are joking about how they want to go out with a bang!

Shatner revealed that he wanted his character, Denny Crane, to leave the show "thrashing around in some bed somewhere... they're probably going to put him with James." Shatner says he's in for an onscreen romp -- but James isn't buying it! "I'm not sure he really wants that," Spader says.

Both onscreen lawyers are up for Emmys this weekend -- and Spader confesses he has a serious case of red carpet jitters. "It's part of the job that's very necessary, and I'm terrible at it," the "Shorts" star admits. "I just get very nervous -- and when I get nervous I get sick to my stomach, so it's a constant battery of medicines."

Get your legal fix when the new season of "Boston Legal" starts this Monday.