Quaid Tackles Racial Barriers in 'Express'

"Extra" is firing up the grill and tailgating with Dennis Quaid! The actor helped kickoff the Syracuse football over the weekend to promote his new pigskin pic "The Express" -- and Dennis opened up on the film's powerful message about race, why he felt drawn to the role -- and life with his twins.

Racial divisions were a part of Quaid's upbringing in Texas. "I remember growing up in the late '50s and '60s, and we had separate bathrooms, separate drinking fountains -- that's just the way it was." Dennis revealed. "When I read the script, it hit me in the gut, the heart and soul."

Times have changed, and so has Quaid -- the "Vantage Point" star is leaving Hollywood and heading back to his roots with his wife and twins, who he says are doing great after an accidental overdose of blood thinner had them fighting for their lives as infants. "They're just about ready to walk and they're doing great," the proud pop gushed. "We have a lot of family in Austin and we're going to raise the kids back there."