Palin: The Substance of Style


Sarah Palin is more than just a self-proclaimed pit bull in lipstick -- she's a veritable fashionista, with an alleged stylist team to boot!

The VP hopeful reportedly has a secret team of fashion gurus who dress her for events -- and the stylists aren't afraid to splurge! For her RNC speech to accept the nomination, she donned a $2,500 Valentino jacket!

The GOP camp is allegedly trying to keep the reported stylist team hush-hush. "They do not want the American public to know that Palin is using stylists or that she is paying for expensive clothes this early on in the campaign," a source tells the NY Post.

Cindy McCain received intense media flack after Vanity Fair broke down her RNC outfit -- and priced it at a whopping $300K ($240K of which was for her 3-karat diamond earrings)! A Valentino rep confirmed to the Post that Palin wore his design to the RNC, but stated the Alaska governor didn't buy it from a Valentino store.

"I don't think it's such a good idea to change horses in mid-stream and go from Wal-mart to Valentino!" People's Revolution's Kelly Cotour tells "Extra." The stylist also dished that she thought Palin wearing Valentino's jacket could backfire on the designer. "I think Valentino's going to lose a huge client base for even offering to dress her."