Ellen Plays Matchmaker for Ryan Seacrest!


Ellen DeGeneres -- the new cupid? In an interview about her Emmy-winning talk show, newlywed Ellen encourages triple-threat Ryan Seacrest to carve time out of his busy schedule for a date -- and suggests one of Hollywood's hottest leading ladies!

"You're going to wait too long and get in a rut being single," Ellen warns Seacrest, according to excerpts from the show as reported by People magazine. "It's going to be hard to open up and share your life with somebody, because you have your way of doing things. You have to let go and be with someone."

After Ellen presents Ryan with pictures of a bevy of Hollywood beauties, the focus turns to actress Eva Mendes! "You're saying Eva Mendes, who you go to right away," says DeGeneres. She adds, "She's great -- would you like me to set you up with her?" Ryan responds, "Yeah."