Lynne Spears Details Britney's 'Storm'


Britney Spears went from pop princess at the top of the charts to hospitalized trainwreck and back again, and her mother is now detailing the raw, shocking truth about Brit's upbringing -- and weathering the scandal -- in her new book, "Through the Storm."

The grandmother of three gave People magazine an excerpt from the book, slamming reports that Lynne and husband Jamie siphoned Britney's bank account to save the family from bankruptcy. "Was I a perfect mom? No," Lynne admits, adding, "but the idea is almost laughable -- we never felt it was our child's responsibility to dig us out of that financial hole."

Mama Spears also shares the agony she felt during Britney's downfall -- including the awful video of Brit shaving her head. "I wept -- praying almost incoherently that God would safeguard my daughter," she said. "I couldn't even get her phone number... I believe Britney had post-partum depression. So many things in her life hadn't turned out the way she wanted."

The formerly estranged mother and daughter now have a healthy relationship -- one that Lynne happily reports went through a "tremendous healing."

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