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Stern to Auction Woman's Virginity?!


Howard Stern is no stranger to controversy -- but even this story seems too crazy for the shock jock. Is Stern really "helping" a 22-year-old woman auction off her virginity?

That's a no -- Stern won't be involved with the auction, but he plugged the stunt on his show, and it is happening. Stern was livid about the misreported rumor today on his show, saying, "I'm really aggravated by this -- I really don't feel like explaining stuff to my kids that's in the paper but isn't true."

The college student -- known by the alias "Natalie Dylan" -- feels she has every right to sell her womanhood to finance her tuition... as she studies for a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy! "We live in a capitalist society," she tells the NY Daily News. "Why shouldn't I be allowed to capitalize on my virginity?" There seems to be at least one hole in that logic.

According to the paper, the deal will be, er, consummated at, where else -- the famed Bunny Ranch in Nevada, where Dylan's sister currently works. All becomes clear in time.