Clinton's Campaign Clothes


Clinton endorsed Democratic nominee Barack Obama and encouraged her supporters to follow suit -- pantsuit, that is!

"To my supporters, to my champions, to my sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits," the Senator addressed the crowd. Hill's uniform of choice is no secret -- but "Extra" uncovered why Mrs. Clinton is so fond of the staple. "Pantsuits are a lifesaver," Hillary said earlier this year on the campaign trail. "I'm not going up on a stage and having all the cameramen crawling around trying to get a good shot and worrying, 'Oh my gosh, they're shooting up,' haha."

Not every fashionista was impressed with Hill's choice of an orange sherbet number for the DNC speech last night. "I was puzzled by the color," says style guru Nina Garcia, who thinks Hillary should stick to separates. "Pantsuits are old fashioned."

Check out Hillary's campaign clothing collection in the September issue of Glamour!