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Rumer Confirms New Beau!

At last night's Los Angeles premiere of "The House Bunny," A-listers Bruce Willis and Demi Moore -- along with step-dad Ashton Kutcher -- played proud parents to daughter Rumer, who stars in the comedy. Now, the celebuteen is dishing to "Extra" about attention from paparazzi -- and her new man!

"I live my life," Rumer said when asked about the snap-happy paps that follow her family. "You can't really do anything other than that." Willis then went public about her new romance, telling "Extra" that she brought a date to the "Bunny" premiere. "I did -- Micah Alberti," said Rumer. When asked if the twosome was serious, Rumer coyly responded, "I don't know. You'll have to find out." Micah, 24, played Matt Ritter on "Wildfire."

"The House Bunny" hops into theatres this Friday!