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Hollywood Sounds-Off on Edwards Affair


Former Senator John Edwards' affair with filmmaker Rielle Hunter has been grabbing the headlines -- and Tinseltown's finest are sounding off to "Extra" about his liaisons!

"I love the high drama," shock jock/talk show queen Wendy Williams declared. Real estate mogul Donald Trump wasn't shy about sharing his thoughts as well. "Your wife is terminally ill and she's in very bad shape -- and you're out there hunting?" asked Trump. "That's not good."

Both John and Rielle have remained mum as more accusations are leveled against them by the media -- but national political commentator Andrea Tantaros is talking about why Americans may not forgive the onetime presidential hopeful. "They don't want any bull, they don't want to be deceived -- and I think that's what he's done. So stick a fork in him -- his political career is pretty much done."