Michelle Reveals Her Nickname for Barack!


In a blockbuster interview with potential First Lady Michelle Obama, Paula Deen cooked up some delicious dish about the famous family -- including Michelle's secret pet name for her hubby!

"Pumski!" Michelle giggled. "That's the first time I've told that. He's going to die!" Paula gave "Extra" all details on her big exclusive, telling us, "This girl's a knockout, y'all!" Paula said Michelle reminds of another famous First Lady. "The first person that came to my mind when she walked out was Jackie Kennedy," she said. "She's got that kind of charisma."

Michelle's take on their chit chat? "You should hang out with me more. You make me feel good!" While Paula and Michelle cooked up an Obama family favorite -- fried shrimp -- Michelle revealed her ultimate secret for staying thin. "She exercises every opportunity she gets," Paula told us.

Michelle's full interview airs on Food Network in September.

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