'Idol' David Cook: Shoe Biz is My Life


"Extra" caught up with "American Idol" season seven winner David Cook at a Sketchers photo shoot, where the singer talked about his brother, his tour, and his current relationship with Kimberly Caldwell.

He had some good news about his brother Adam's battle with brain cancer, saying, "My brother's tumor for the time being is in limbo, it's not growing, which is good news." "Idol" fans may remember that despite his illness, Cook's brother flew to L.A. to watch David perform on the show. "Knock on wood, we're just hoping for continued good news," the 25-year-old singer added.

David's relationship with former "Idol" Kimberly Caldwell is going well. "So far so good... it's tough, but we're making time for each other when we can." Cook is currently touring with nine other "Idol" contestants on the American Idols Live! summer tour.

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