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A-Rod Flees Bevy of Beauties


While Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez is known for his alleged trysts, he and two pals had to leave a rooftop bar in New York because they were "being bothered" by too many girls, a source told the New York Post, saying, "All the girls were harassing him."

Alex, who is heading for divorce court with wife Cynthia, "spent the entire time text messaging," the source added, instead of mingling with the hot women. The famous slugger also avoided drinking alcohol and stuck to Voss water, according to his waitress.

Rodriguez recently added Alan Kluger to his divorce legal team, but another source says they're dumbfounded by that choice, saying, "Everyone is wondering why A-Rod added Alan Kluger to his legal team... He's a corporate lawyer." A-Rod is already represented by Ira Elegant, who handled Shaq's divorce.

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