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'Extra' Exclusive: Edwards' Alleged Mistress Speaks!

A married former senator -- a blonde mystery woman -- and a late night sting at a hotel all leading up to a shocking tabloid cover story! But one-time presidential contender John Edwards is trashing the explosive National Enquirer story in which they claim he visited an alleged mistress and their secret love child at the Beverly Hilton.

Now, "Extra" exposes the mystery woman at the center of the scandal -- Rielle Hunter, a documentary filmmaker, who denies the affair. She spoke to "Extra" in February 2007 about her relationship with Edwards -- including their reported meeting in a Big Apple bar.

"It was a random meeting," dishes Hunter. "He was in a business meeting in New York, and I was in the same place." Rielle went on to propose an idea to Edwards about producing a series of internet campaign videos for him -- which he accepted. The two traveled together for six months creating the videos. "It was great -- we went to Africa," said Hunter. "The whole experience was life-altering for me."

Hunter calls the rampant romance rumors "not true, completely unfounded, and ridiculous."