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John Edwards' Alleged Mistress Speaks!

Rielle Hunter, the woman at the center of the scandal involving former Senator John Edwards, is speaking out -- telling "Extra" the rumors are "not true."


"Completely unfounded and ridiculous" is how Hunter describes a National Enquirer story claiming she has a love child with Edwards -- and that she was recently visited by the married Edwards at a Los Angeles hotel.

In early 2007, Hunter opened up about her relationship with the former presidential candidate, explaining she produced a series of campaign Internet videos for Edwards after meeting randomly in a New York bar.

"Meeting John Edwards was interesting," she told us. "He was very real and authentic. He was inspirational to me." She added, "I was around him a lot. It was great. We went to Africa. The whole experience was life altering for me."

When asked about the allegations today in Houston, Edwards called the stories "tabloid trash," adding, "They're full of lies."