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YouTube Divorcée: 'It's Not Over'


Tricia Walsh-Smith has been kicked to the curb! Her infamous $60-million divorce case has been settled -- with ex hubby, Broadway mogul Philip Smith, walking away with nearly everything after he was granted a divorce on grounds of "cruel and inhuman treatment." Tricia received just $750K -- as agreed in their prenup -- and she has just thirty days to leave their Park Avenue pad.

"I think it totally sucks -- I'm going to look for a tent tomorrow," raves Tricia. She savaged her 76-year-old husband in online videos after discovering he was secretly planning to divorce her. Her Internet rants have had more than 3 million hits.

Now, Walsh-Smith is telling "Extra" that she vows to do more videos and write a book about her ordeal. "It's not over," says Tricia. "I'm a warrior!"