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Wendy vs. Omarosa Showdown!


It was the ultimate bad girl face-off! Reality villain Omarosa took on controversial hostess Wendy Williams in a cringe-tastic catfight on the set of the shock jockette's talk show, "The Wendy Williams Show" -- and they continued their battle on "Extra!"

During the talk show segment, Wendy and Omarosa attacked each other for their looks -- and suggested going under the knife. Today at "Extra," Wendy blasted Omarosa, saying, "I think Omarosa came here with an agenda. She was looking to get her moment... unfortunately for her, she got attention from me." Omarosa's response? "She's been talking smack about me for years... so yesterday was my opportunity to call her on all this stuff. I gave her a dose of her own medicine -- and she couldn't handle it."

Each woman both shared a final word with the other -- and proved that the claws are still out. "Not nice," said Williams. "One day you'll learn that you get more with smiles than you do with grimace." Omarosa -- who was on Williams' show to promote her aptly titled book, "The Bitch Switch," responded with, "Thank you. My sales are through the roof. And people will learn how to deal with people like you."